Welcome Friends and Supporters of Athletic Fields

Friends of Athletic Fields (FAF) is busy keeping up with the many activities and meetings associated with active recreational facilities around the Puget Sound region and state-wide. Here are some of the issues that have been our recent focus:

  • Magnuson Park - Athletic Fields and Wetland Project

  • Seattle Schools Fields Use Fees

  • Seattle Parks Athletic Fields Upgrade Projects

  • HB 2241- Agricultural vs. Recreational Land Use and the Growth Mgt Act

  • Ingraham HS Lighting Project

  • Upcoming municipal elections: Seattle City Council and Mayor, King County Council

We are active in many community and municipal organizations including Seattle Parks' Sportsfield Review Committee (SRC), King County's Active Sports Youth Recreation (ASpYRe) Commission, the ProParks Oversight Committee, and the Magnuson Park Project Advisory Team. We do all this while endeavoring to keep up with our own sports activities both as players and coaches. Please take whatever time you can to join us in helping the active recreation community improve the quality and quantity of the athletic fields available to both youth and adults. Feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions or want to become more involved.


Magnuson Park Athletic Fields Project

City Council Voted on Fields Lighting - Monday, April 18th

Seattle City Council voted to move forward with the Magnuson Park Athletic Fields and Wetlands Project by approving the waiver on lighting pole height but only for four of the sportsfields. The approved legislation maintains the option for lighting all seven fields approved in the Master Plan in 2004. However, Council has added a requirement that the installed lights be reviewed over two years to assess potential impacts on neighbors and adjacent wetlands before subsequent phases are constructed.


Montlake Playfield Renovation Proposal Public Meeting

Seattle Parks & Recreation will be conducting a public meeting on proposed improvements to the Montlake Playfields on Wednesday, May 18th, 7:30-9:00pm at Montlake Community Center, 1608 E. Calhoun (in the Tudor Building). Consultants will address specifics of the proposal and discuss environmental issues.


Seattle Schools Maintains $95/hour Fee for Rectangular Fields!!!

Seattle Schools failed to inform everyone that the recently revised fee to $60/hr only applies to baseball fields! The fee for multi-use rectangular fields remains the exorbitant $95/hour (for adults only) that far exceeds comparable fees in the region. All field users are encouraged to contact Seattle Schools and let them know how you feel - this means you ultimate, soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey, cricket,... players. Go to Action Items for contact info.


Loyal Heights Sportsfield Upgrade Public Meeting

Seattle Parks conducted another public meeting to discuss the planned improvements at the Loyal Heights Fields on April 26th at the Loyal Heights Community Center. Fields supporters need to attend these meetings if you want your voices heard, otherwise, you're going to get what you get. Vocal opponents have taken a strident stand against synthetic turf (see www.noplasticgrass.com). Final meeting is set for June 14th.



Check out the Current Issues page for the latest news.


(last updated May 16, 2005)